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What is time and attendance?

Time and attendance systems are an integral part of workplaces, enabling employers to monitor and track their employees working hours, break times, early departures and leave taken. For instance, when an employee clocks in or out, the information is sent to the software for immediate processing. Providing the employer with up to date and accurate timesheet information.

Why is time and attendance important?

Time and attendance is important for every business irrespective of its nature. The numbers influence the decision-making processes in companies, be it predicting and forecasting workforce demand, identifying staffing issues if any, or running payrolls with efficiency. These systems provide information about absenteeism, overtime, and more. With the right time and attendance system in place, companies are able to allocate their resources appropriately and efficiently.

What is the benefit of time and attendance?

Incorporating time and attendance in your organisation would essentially mean that many of the processes would now be simplified for good.

Time and attendance benefits include:

Seamlessly Track Time and Export Payroll
Deploying these solutions would allow you to automate the information/data transfers to the payroll software, along with helping you stay in the know about your employees’ work times and corresponding performance. The time and attendance systems at Nexus Biometric can be integrated into many of the major payroll software, making your operations much easier and efficient.

Rostering made easy creating more flexible and accurate employee schedules
Rostering with these systems is easy. A time and attendance system would allow you to know exactly when you need your employees, and if they are working as per the schedule. This enables you to understand the workflow and employee dedication better to see how well they perform in the designated work hours.
Keeping tabs on paid and unpaid leave
With these systems in place, you will be able to access distinct data that shows the number of hours worked or unworked. This tangible number impacts your overheads directly.

Therefore, the goal is to make sure the number of hours, paid and paid leave are calculated correctly, before the data is exported to the payroll software. This will ensure the payroll process is seamless wherein every detail is recorded and actioned upon before running the payroll.
Save time & avoid human errors
Time and attendance systems make it so much easier to record time with what earlier used to be done manually is now done electronically, saving time and providing accurate information. Manual timesheets are time-consuming and labour intensive, with higher chances of double-entry and human errors. But a time and attendance system can do the job in the right manner with assured certainty.

What is a Biometric time clock?

A biometric time clock utilises physical human characteristics to identify a person. This could be via a fingerprint or facial recognition.

When being used in employee time & attendance systems it allows for data to be collected in relation to an employees working hours, break times and early departures. This helps facilitate the integration of time clock data into payroll software such as MYOB and Xero.

Biometric time clocks take over from the old Bundy Clock style card punch systems and allow verification methods including fingerprint and facial recognition, preventing employees from buddy punching.

Can someone steal my fingerprints?

The quick answer is NO, someone cannot steal your fingerprints.

Biometric time clocks use a method of matching shapes in a fingerprint to codes in the software.

In short this means that there is never a full image of a fingerprint stored on the system.

With biometric time & attendance systems you are safe from identity theft.

What is Access Control for premises?

Access control for premises lets you control who has access to your premises. The system electronically controls access into and out of specific areas within your premises. The elements required for access control are the tag or proximity card, the tag/proximity card reader, access control panel and the lock. All these elements work together for a seamless automated experience for the employee.

What are the differences between Cloud-based and On-Premise solutions?

Cloud Based Software


Low one time setup fee and predictable cost over time.
Pay as you go.


Scales with needs.
Designed to grow with your business.


Internet connection needed and a supported browser on your computer or mobile device.
Work remotely to access the data. Real-time access to data.

Security & Reliability

Up time of 99.9% Guarantee of server infrastructure.
Data security is the responsibility of the vendor.

Data Backup

Data is backed up 24/7 by secure state-of-the-art systems.
Multiple levels of redundancy to guard against failure.

Updates & Technical Requirements

Every 4-6 weeks there are software updates, bug fixes and the software is automatically updated. Always on the latest version.
Workstation or mobile device, Internet connection and web browser.

On-Premise Software


Maintenance upgrades, energy usage, hardware and IT infrastructure costs.
Upfront cost is higher.


Scaling up requires additional equipment.
Cannot reduce if scaling down.


License is purchased per computer. Only one person can access and computer must be on.
Not ideal for accessing remotely and no real-time access to data.

Security & Reliability

Reliant on your personnel to guarantee uptime of infrastructure.
Data security is the responsibility of the user and your IT personnel.

Data Backup

Backups are manual and is reliant on someone to test and ensure data is backed up and not corrupt.

Updates & Technical Requirements

Updates are annual and need to be applied manually. Not always up to date or latest version.
Workstation or server, Windows operating system, backup server and hard drives.


Can I order by telephone?

We accept orders online, email or via telephone.

Telephone orders can be made on our toll free number during business hours.

For email orders, send us your details (include your telephone number and delivery address) and the items you would like to order. We will return via email a tax invoice containing our payment options. Email your order requirements to sales@nexusbiometric.com.au.

To order online, simply click on the product you would like to purchase and just follow the steps to complete your order. If you require assistance you can contact us via telephone or email.

How do I know if you have received my online order?

After submitting your order online, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email within 24 hours please contact us.


On-boarding and Training of the systems

The team at Easy Clocking and FingerTec Australia can guide you through on-boarding the solution and provide substantial training to ensure that you are able to understand and incorporate the system in your company.

Continuous Support of the systems

Once your system has been implemented, the Easy Clocking and FingerTec Australia support team can offer continuous technical support for you with different levels of support plans available that suits your business needs.

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