What is time and attendance?

Time and attendance systems are an integral part of workplaces in this era of technological advancement.

Time and attendance is nothing but a process of keeping tabs on and tracking the work hours. There is so much more to these systems, and not only has it clearly replaced the usual manual set-up, but it has also seamlessly integrated with the operations at different levels. For instance, when an employee clocks in or out, the information is extracted and transferred to the software, from where it can easily be redirected to your payroll system.

These systems offer both cloud and on-premise solutions depending on the requirements of your business.

Why is it important?

Time and attendance are important for every business- irrespective of its nature.

The numbers influence the decision-making processes in companies, be it predicting and forecasting workforce demand, identifying staffing issues if any, or running payrolls with efficiency.

These systems provide information about absenteeism, overtime, and more. With the right time and attendance system in place, companies are able to allocate their resources in the right direction.

What is the benefit of time and attendance?

With time and attendance systems, you can:

Seamlessly Track Time and Run Payroll

Deploying these solutions would allow you to automate the information/data transfers to the payroll software, along with helping you stay in the know about your employees’ work times and corresponding performance. The time and attendance systems at Nexus Biometric can be integrated into all the major payroll software- making your operations much easier and efficient.

Rostering made easy more flexible and accurate employee schedules

Rostering with these systems is easy. A time and attendance system would allow you to know exactly when you need your employees, and if they are working as per the schedule. This enables you to understand the workflow and employee dedication better to see how well do they perform in the designated work hours.

Keeping tabs on paid and unpaid leave

With these systems in place, you will be able to access distinct data that shows the number of hours- worked or unworked. This tangible number impacts your overheads directly. As per the number of hours, paid and paid leave is calculated, before the data gets exported to the payroll software. The goal is to may payroll a seamless process wherein every detail is recorded and actioned upon whilst running a payroll.

Save time & avoid human errors

Time and attendance systems make it so much easier to record what earlier used to be done manually- saving time and providing accurate information. Manual timesheets are time-consuming, with higher chances of double-entry and human errors. But a time and attendance system can do the job in the right manner.
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