FingerTec Ingressus IV

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Designed to control access for up to a four-door environment. Data is centralised to give a better and complete picture of the entire security level.

Surge Protection

Ingressus provides 3 types of extra protection for your security hardware i.e. Over Current Protection, Over Voltage Protection and Reversal Protection; extending the life-span of your products.

Connect All Security Devices

Link all your security devices under one management, including CCTV, fire alarms, and building automation systems (BAS) for a total security solution.

Get Flexibility with Ingressus

Ingressus supports several different Wiegand formats as well as various card terminal formats, providing you with flexibility for your security system.

Readily Available I/O Ports

For a complete security solution, the Ingressus provides readily available ports for alarms, sensors, exit buttons, and other security accessories.

Real-Time Door Status & Event Monitoring

With the real-time door status & event monitoring, door opening and door closing activities can be supervised at all times.

Data Communication via IP

Ingressus offers easy data communication using the most commonly used protocols which are TCP/IP.

Multi-card Operation in Ingressus

Ingressus offers multicard operations to manage high-secured areas. Access is only allowed when these multiple cards are presented at the specific device.

One Stop Verification

Ingressus doesn’t only centralize devices, it also allows a centralized verification for an exceptional security no other brands can provide.

Antipassback Feature for Extra Security

Important in a security system, this feature is to ensure that no single person leaves a premise untraced.

Secure Your Premise with the Interlock Function

One door opens, another closes – that’s the logic of interlocking, providing you with tighter security.

Duress Mode for Emergencies

Ingressus is equipped with a duress mode to provide alternatives to users in an emergency.

SDK for Your Convenience

Integrate Ingressus into your existing access control software or develop your own customized software with our SDK, free of charge.



MODEL Ingressus IV
Dimension (L X W X H), mm 226 x 106 x 36
Power input (V) 12V DC
Operating temperature (°C) 0 – 55
Operating humidity (%) 10 – 80
CPU 32-bit, 400MHz
Flash Memory (MB) 128
Polarity protection Yes
Fingerprint 3000
Cards 30000
Passwords 30000
Transactions 100000
Communications with Server TCP/IP
Quantity of terminal 4
Communication with terminals 4 x 26-bit Wiegand input. Each for 1 slave terminal (1 x RS485 input to support RS485 network)
(max 8 units)
Push release button 4
Door sensor 4
Types of AUX input supported Motion detector, passive DIR detector, curtain passive infrared detector, pet immunity PIR detector, two beam digital active infrared detector, heat detector
Door lock (12VDC 10A form C relay) 4
AUX output (30VDC 2A Form C relay) 4
Types of AUX output supported Gas detector and compatible sensors, piezo strobe siren, electronic siren
Main Features Door opening time (0-999s), Interlocking (lngressus II & IV only), Anti-pass back (Local only), Multi card unlocking, First card unlocking, Time zone (50), Holiday time zone, Permanent door release/ lock time zone, Day light saving time zone, Continuous verification of users.
Security Features Door force open alarm, Door open time out alarm, Fire linkage, Duress alarm, Door status and event (51 types)
Ingress Bundled

*12 months warranty back to base

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