Easy Clocking is a globally recognized company, known for providing cloud-based time and attendance systems that cater to time management, on cloud timesheets, scheduling, job costing, mobile solutions along with providing the best biometric time clocks for companies in diverse domains.

Choosing a cloud-based system, means you will be incorporating simplicity into your system. The employees will be able to easily clock in and out, while the management will have the ability to manage and process this data to the payroll software, whilst using the insights to make informed decisions. There are a number of cloud-based software options that you can choose from- depending on the business requirements. The experts at Nexus Biometric will guide you through the range of options, to finally find the right solution that aligns with your business goals.

Fingerprint Time Clock

Fingerprint time clocks are one of the most advanced solutions for time and attendance.

Proximity Time Clock

Proximity time clocks record an employee’s attendance from a short distance.

Mobile App Time Clock

Mobile App Time Clocks are straightforward and user-friendly apps created for employees and employers.

Cloud Based Time & Attendance Software

The Cloud-based Time & Attendance Software allows easy access to the data that is stored on the cloud.

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