With Onsite Installation of Time & Attendance system in place, your company would have the ability to control and customize it as per your needs. Having these systems installed at your workplace would essentially mean that it enhances your ability as a company to handle your employees’ data and manage time and attendance effectively.

These on-premise systems are not just limited to clocking in and clocking out, but get along well with the company’s dynamics and support its operations seamlessly. With options of fingerprint, and/or proximity time clock, and facial recognition time clock, your workplace can get the most out of this versatile time and attendance system.

Fingerprint Time Clock

Fingerprint time clocks are one of the most advanced solutions for time and attendance.

Proximity Time Clock

Proximity time clocks record an employee’s attendance from a short distance.

Facial Recognition Time Clock

Facial Recognition Time Clock enables the employees to clock and off at work by simply looking at the device.

Onsite Time & Attendance Software

Onsite Time and Attendance Software centralizes, stores and manages all time attendance databases.

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