Manufacturer warranty is provided on all products.

If the product is defective and still within the warranty period, please contact our customer service team.

You will need to provide the date of purchase, invoice number and the serial number of the product. All shipping costs incurred regarding sending in a warranty item for repair will be handled by the customer.

The warranty period differs between Easy Clocking and FingerTec products as detailed below.

  • Easy Clocking Time Clocks
    Provides a warranty period of 12 months from date of invoice.
  • Fingertec Time Clocks and Access Controllers
    Warranty periods can range from 12 to 24 months from date of invoice dependent on the product model.

Warranty Exclusions

Warranty shall not be valid, if during the receiving or assessment of your product it is determined that the damage or misuse has been identified, was due to either through handling, abuse, negligence, accidents, acts of nature or power surge related damage was the reason for failure.

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